Memories and photographs will be the only two things you’ll have left....

    Your photos are meant to be printed and displayed around your home, not left hidden somewhere on your computer.

    Why you need to print your photos?

    I like to provide my client with printed products they can take home, treasure and share around them.  If you ever had a great album or beautiful quality prints in your hand, you probably know that – the images seem somehow more alive when they are printed. More real. While I’m a big fan of the digital world, prints or an album allow you to go beyond passively clicking on the web gallery, and really engage with your wedding pictures with all your 6 senses.
    I like to think that in 30 years from now, you will share it with your grandchildren at a family reunion.

    To me, there is a huge difference between a ‘cheap’ or ‘diy’ wedding albums and professional wedding albums.  As they always say, you get what you pay for. That’s why I have personally selected the best ‘handmade’ prints & album provider. They propose crafter prints and albums 100% artisan-made from start to finish. And the paper they use are made to leave the colour untouched for 200 years. The albums I propose are simple, clean and elegant. Design and paper is very important to me. I offer 2 options, both have texturized matte paper. I always put a lot of effort, and passion to create a beautiful book for you, that will tell the whole story of your day.You get to choose the material & color of the cover, the inscription can be done in metal foil (gold & silver!). And you choose the image you want to see inside your album.
    I usually take the oder for wedding albums once the wedding season is over (around november/december /january).

    Option 2: Fine Art Book

    All the beauty of fine art print enclosed in a book. Printed with archival ink on museum grade matte paper. Layflat design.

    Your artbook will come with handmade linen presentation box, pouch, cotton gloves and care instructions. Premium presentation is QT standard.

    Fine Art Prints

    The Fine Art Paper used result in more alive, vivid, saturated and sharp colors. The paper used is acid-free and is photo matt structured.