Why do I love shooting wedding?

    First, let me tell you one big thing about me (which defines me and who I’m as a photographer): I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP, if you don’t know what it is, you can google it). As HSP, we feel more, see more, sense more…We live everything more intensely. And, we feel the deep need to create. I’ve always wanted to do something artistic since I’m little. Photography came naturally into my life from my father. But so why specialising in wedding photography? To me, weddings are real, honest, alive. But mostly, they are the places where you can live and experience the most beautiful emotions with people. I feel so privileged to be there as part of the family to document it. I’m proud of my high sensitivity and empathy, because I think it makes me great at what I do: capturing beauty and true connections around me.

    How would I describe my style?

    My work falls somewhere between Fine Art and Photojournalism. The first plays off my love for artistic and visually beautiful luminous images. I love pretty little details, ray of light and sunshine on pictures. The second approach, photojournalism, embodies spontaneity, authenticity and magic. Pictures taken on the spot. I like to call them ‘stolen’ images. This is perhaps the favorite part of my work. I love capturing honest moments.  Photography has always been part of my life but I learned the technical part by following a course when I was living in Asia for 3 years. After than, I was practicing whenever I could with my camera. I’m an self-educated photographer but I always strive to improve continuously throughout the years by following workshops, online courses,…

    Practical details

    Today, I specialize in intimate weddings, with a boho-chic/rustic/(you name it) touch as this fits with my character and photography style. I love it when there is a lot of pretty details and emotions to photograph. If you want to learn more about my services and prices, please send me a message under “the Contact form” and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Try to be as detailed as possible as to what you’re looking for, the overall mode of your day, the date, the venue, etc. Thank you and I look forward to being a part of your big day!