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    × 08.10.2017

    Committed to embracing simplicity & spontaneity !

    Wedding & Editorial Photographer.
    For the spontaneous one, seekers of beauty and authenticity.

    Hello friend

    I’m Delphine

    I’m a Brussels based wedding and editorial photographer (shooting Film & Digital) having a love affair with the beauty of life, happy people, nature and traveling.
    Besides that, I’m also the co-founder of the creative agency 'Atelier Preface'.
    I have merged all of my passions into these 2 two life projects and I feel lucky.

    Before going any further, I have a confession to make: I cry at every wedding I shoot. Now you know: I have a little sensitive heart and I figure that's why I love shooting emotional weddings.
    If you want to read more about me and make sure we could be friends in real life, head here:

    My approach to photography
    Emotional / Authentic / Intimate / Minimalist
    I work with couples and brands to tell their story in the most authentic way. Most would describe my style as emotional, authentic, intimate and minimalist. When I am behind my camera, I make sure to create a comfortable space where you can be the authentic YOU: laugh out loud, or snuggle like nobody is watching and get lost in love. The end result? Gentle yet colorful, authentic photographs that showcase the real you.

    What I Love To Shoot

    As a photographer, I'm drive the most by emotions and aesthetic.
    Wether it's during a wedding, an intimate couple session or a brand lifestyle shoot.


    Starting at 2,000€

    You wanna see my best work and have a better understanding of how I shoot a wedding ? Check out my wedding portfolio !


    Starting at 385€

    Brands that share my love for nature, slow life, and aesthetic in general. Curious to see how I can help ? Head over the website of Atelier Preface.

    Couple Session

    Starting at 300€

    A 2-hours photoshoot where we have fun like friends do and you get memories of you two.

    Some love notes from

    Aude + Ben
    Daisy + Nicolas
    Celeste + Ben
    Perrine + Jason
    Tamara + Pouney

    One thing is for sure : Delphine's photographies are too die for ! But that's just the tip of the iceberg... she is also a wonderful human being ! A really really good person with a sweet heart. She fits in perfectly with all the guests, and at the same time she knows how to be so discrete that you completely forget about her and end up with the most spontaneous and natural pictures ! We hired her for our wedding in Tuscany & that's one choice we'll never regret !


    We were very fortunate to have Delphine as our wedding photographer. Since I've always been interested in photography myself, I was really looking for someone who had a good eye. Delphine definitely has it. She is also one of these photographers who can play with different lights and shoot in a very natural yet discrete way. All of our photos look so natural and that's exactly what we love. Delphine is an amazing person, don't even hesitate and trust her !


    I would 150% highly recommend working with Delphine as your wedding photographer. I knew I loved her style, but when I actually saw our wedding photographs, I was in awe. She has an incredible talent to capture true emotion. In my opinion there is no better keepsake than to have that emotion of the day captured through photographs that will live with you for the rest of your life. I truly believe Delphine gave us that gift and more.
    She did her job in a subtle and graceful manner. I’ve been to weddings before where I felt the photographer was in the way, and I never felt that way with Del. She was everywhere but very graceful in doing that.
    It was the best investment of the day! Thank you Delphine!!


    Thanks to the softness of her pictures, the originality of her composition and the natural expression she captured of people’s faces, she is able to confer a sort of intimacy to her pictures. Delphine is doing photography as real passion and you can really feel that from her attitude and her behavior on your wedding day. Very professional, she gives herself 100% to be at the right place, at the right moment. We are so so happy about all the wonderful memories she was able to give us thanks to her pictures.


    What I like in our wedding photos is the poetry, the light and the softness that brings all the romance that perfectly characterises our bohemian wedding. But what I loved the most was the commitment and passion behind the camera.
    I loved to see her tears during our vows and her enthusiasm when we explained all the little details during the wedding preparations. I obviously loved her open mind and the grain of madness we have in common ... I'm just waiting for one thing: the next photoshoot together!!!