Wedding Album Old Page

        After all the fuss is over, memories and photographs will be the only two things you’ll have left….

        That’s why I like to provide my client with printed products they can take home, treasure and share around them.  If you ever had a great album in your hand, you probably know that – the images seem somehow more alive when they are printed. More real.

        While I’m a big fan of the digital world, an album allow you to go beyond passively clicking on the web gallery, and really engage with your wedding pictures with all your 6 senses.

        I like to think that in 30 years from now, you will share it with your grandchildren at a family reunion.
        To me design is very important. That’s why I have personally selected the best ‘handmade’ album artists. The albums I propose are simple, clean and elegant.
        I offer 2 options, both have texturized matte paper. One, more luxurious, has thicker paper.
        I always put a lot of effort, and passion to create a beautiful book for you, that will tell the whole story of your day.
        I take the oder for wedding albums once the wedding season is over (around november/december /january)


        Option 1: Normal Pages  


        Option 2: Lay-Flat Thicker Pages

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