– Where are you based?
I live in Brussels, Belgium. I shoot both weddings in Belgium and abroad as, I absolutely love to travel everywhere, especially for weddings.

– Will you travel for our wedding?
Yes and yes!! I love traveling and new challenges. I have lived 3 years abroad and travel to many different places.
However, I prefer to stick to Europe just for an organization point of view. If, by any chance, you are having a gorgeous wedding in an exotic location outside of Europe, shoot me an email though ?

– How many language do you speak?
French is my mother tongue. But I do speak perfect English. I can understand Spanish and speak a bit of it. Same with Dutch.
I love multi-cultural weddings so I’m not afraid of switching languages. I did 5 years of theater so I can improvise some sign languages if needed!

– What are your prices?
It depends on your needs (coverage, destination, special needs). Please do get in touch via the contact page and I will get back to you with more informations. If you do not hear back from me within 3 days, please send me an email here: leriche.delphine@gmail.com

– What gear do you use?
I always have 2 cameras with me on a wedding day. Currently, I use a Nikon with a couple of prime lenses and a professionnal flash for the first dance and the party shots. Other than that, I rarely use my flash.

– How much doest it cost to bring you for a destination wedding outside of Belgium?
It depends on the destination. But my standard package price applies here. After that, I just need to add my ‘travel fees’ which is unique for every wedding since it depends on the country (flight, 2 nights accommodation minimum, rented car if it’s a remote location)

– How many pictures do you normally take at a wedding, and what will I receive afterwards?
Every wedding is different in this regard, but at the moment I’m providing my clients with around 600 edited, high-resolution shots from their wedding. I provide every couples with a nice online gallery for an easy share with friends and family. Depending on the package, I also provide USB in a lovely little wooden box with 100 prints on matte paper or 30 pictures on Fine Art Prints.

– How long will it take until we get the images?
Depending on the season, it usually takes from 6 to 8 Weeks. Most likely faster. Around 30 preview images will be sent to you a a few days after your wedding, which you can use for your announcements, social media, thank you cards.

-Will we get High Res files?
Yes, you will get high resolution files as well as web size files suitable for social media.

– Your images have a similar look to pictures taken with old film camera. Do you shoot film?
I don’t shoot film but I love the ‘timeless’ and ‘soft’ look of argentic pictures. I created my own professional filters that I add to all my photos in post-production after the wedding.
I like to give them this ’soft and airy’ look. I shoot 95% of the time with natural light.

– How to Do you add grain to images during post production (editing)?
Yes, a little bit, to each and every image I give you. Digital cameras produce images that are technically excellent but I feel lack soul and warmth. I use film-emulation presets while editing my images to try and achieve a film-like quality in the final product. Part of this process is adding a little grain, or texture, to my images. If you feel this is going to be an issue, please get in contact with me before booking.

– How would you describe your photography style?
Vibrant – Authentic – Artistic – Intimate

– Do you edit all the images?
After the wedding, I go through all the images to choose which ones will I keep. Then, I take up to 3 days to edit all of the images.

– Can you make us an album?
Of course I can. I can even show you an album example when we meet or over skype. I have a page on my website that explain why and how I do it. And I have more details when I send you my brochure. 
– We hate to pose in front of a camera….so we don’t really want a ‘couple session’ session. Is that ok?
My method of shooting is very relaxed and natural. Most of the time you either won’t know I’m taking photos, or you’ll be so happy on all the wedding love that everything will feel great. I won’t make you pose, I will just gently direct you on how to look your best. When I photograph you, I focus on the emotions, feelings and the connection with each other, rather than the cheesy ‘Hollywood’ poses.

– Do you take pictures throughout the entire party?
Depending on your package, I can stay till the beginning of the party. Meaning, I shoot your first dance, then take a couple of cool shots from your guests/parents/children dancing. At some point, it’s always the same people dancing and things get pretty messy so it’s not worth for me to stay.

– If you stay all day, you will probably get hungry. You want us to provide a meal for you?
That would be really nice of you. Usually, if I arrive before lunch, I will just grab a quick sandwich with you during the ‘Getting ready’ phase. At night, you can ask the catered to provide a meal for me either in another room or you can put me on a table with your guests (I’m quite sociable and I love meeting new people).

– We’d like to book you! What do we do now?
Send me your info via the contact form here . Feel free to call me too (all the info are here)

– Can we connect on social media?
Yes please! Find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.